What are the work search requirements for unemployment insurance?

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

The current circumstances in Kentucky and across the nation have led to inordinate challenges for a great many people. The health crisis has impact multiple aspects of life, but one area where it has created a unique set of issues is with employment. People who have found themselves out of work because of business closures, downsizing and for other reasons will need to find a way to make ends meet in the interim from one job to the next. Unemployment insurance can be crucial toward this end.

Understanding work search requirements for unemployment insurance

One fundamental requirement to be approved for unemployment insurance is seeking a new job. Still, finding a suitable new job given the ongoing situation has been troubling to many. This is when unemployment insurance is a life-saver. However, some might be confronted with a denial if they are accused of not meeting the legal criteria for benefits. They must register with the Kentucky Career Center (KCC).

The law says that the person must be available and willing to take a full-time job and take the initiative to find such work. The person must: register for work with the appropriate state agencies; include their last three employers or whatever number is applicable; show their previous decade of work experience or whatever length of time suits their case; fill out the forms in full; respond if KCC informs the person of job openings; take referrals to find a job; take part in the interview process if jobs are available; try to find employment on their own; and take a suitable job is one is offered. The person must periodically report to KCC to talk about the effort to find a job with detailed information about the search.

Experienced legal assistance may be critical for unemployment insurance

Even if a person adheres to all the rules, was eligible for unemployment and fills all the other criteria for benefits, it is not uncommon for there to be a denial. This could stem from a dispute as to how extensive the job search was, whether the person adhered to the rules, or for another reason. If the person believes he or she should be able to get unemployment insurance or has had the benefits stopped, it is important to have legal assistance to address any dispute. Consulting with an experienced employment legal professional may be able to help.