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Not All Job Loss Is Justified. We Can Help.

The impact of being fired is far-reaching. It can damage your professional reputation, suddenly leave you without critical benefits and place your financial status in jeopardy. To make matters worse, you might not have even deserved to lose your job in the first place. Employers are not always right.

Although Kentucky is an at-will employment state in which employers do not need a specific reason to fire workers, Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., will fight for its clients and their careers. In cases where many attorneys might give up, we do not. Our father-and-son team will not back down if we believe that your previous employer wrongfully terminated you.

Employers Might Fire Employees For The Wrong Reasons

It can be difficult to tell whether termination is fair or illegal. For example, employers can fire employees who have disabilities that prevent them from conducting their job, but there are several rules that employers need to follow first.

Circumstances that could indicate wrongful termination include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Firing based on discrimination
  • Violation of a company policy
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers, which are workers who report illegal activity
  • The presence of illegal activity or requests to violate the law within the workplace

We can examine the details of your case and determine whether you have a compelling argument for unfair termination. Our lawyers can assess each option available, including appealing through the company, filing a claim through the U.S. Department of Labor and initiating a lawsuit. If trial is the best possible path forward, we will aggressively pursue your case.

We Pay Attention To Each Facet Of Your Case

Get a thorough case review to learn how we can help. Not only will we seek results with determination, but we will also advise you about your short-term options, such as unemployment insurance matters. For your free consultation, call 502-295-5555 or email our office in Louisville.