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Your Shield Against Employment Retaliation

Employees should always feel empowered to report unlawful activity at work. Unfortunately, many workers are afraid that they will lose their job or face other consequences if they do.

Employers cannot retaliate against you for exercising your labor rights. Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., will protect you whether you have yet to file a report or have already suffered retaliatory penalties. Our family-led team of attorneys have decades of experience standing up for the rights of workers.

Do Not Let Retaliatory Practices Discourage You

Employers cannot discipline employees simply for performing certain protected activities, such as:

Retaliation happens when the employer takes adverse actions, which can range from a poor evaluation to workplace harassment to termination. We work hard to hold employers accountable. Without enforcement of labor rights, workers could suffer unjust personal and financial losses.

Retaliation Can Be Hard To Prove. We Can Help.

It is not always easy to recognize and prove retaliation. In fact, retaliation can seem like regular penalties with valid reasons at first – until you take a closer look at the situation.

For a successful claim, you would need to prove the link between your protected activity and an adverse action. These cases usually involve intricate and sensitive matters, which is why legal representation is critical.

Our Louisville attorneys have extensive knowledge of employment law. Let us examine the details of your situation to maximize the strength of your claim. We can review emails, employment records, witness statements and more to find evidence of retaliation.

Protect Your Rights

Filing a retaliation claim is an important way to protect your rights. At Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., our goal is to ensure fair treatment for Kentucky workers. If your employer has retaliated against you, we can represent you with skill and determination. Call 502-295-5555 or email us for a consultation.