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Regain Control After Experiencing Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious problem. Employers must therefore take any potential sexual harassment case seriously. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to shield workers who have experienced sexual harassment.

Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., will not take a lukewarm stance when it comes to your safety and well-being. We understand how sexual harassment can make workers feel trapped, powerless and disregarded. Our duty is to empower you and protect you.

We Will Stand Up For You

Sexual harassment can include a variety of verbal and physical actions, such as:

  • Making lewd or highly suggestive comments
  • Frequently criticizing or teasing a person’s sexual orientation or gender
  • Sending inappropriate photos or messages to someone else in the workplace – even through personal email or social media accounts
  • Making unwanted requests for sexual acts

Workers of any gender or sexual orientation can experience sexual harassment in Kentucky. However, no worker should have to simply accept harassment as a cost of doing business.

We have the experience to resolve sensitive employment law cases. We know that reporting sexual harassment and discrimination can be intimidating, but our attorneys will fully support you.

What To Expect

Our family-owned law firm can guide you throughout the process of filing a claim, including:

  • Gathering evidence, such as witness statements and inappropriate messages
  • Reviewing the employer’s harassment policy and remediation procedures
  • Filing a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if your employer has not properly addressed the situation
  • Filing a lawsuit against the employer if necessary

Reporting harassment is often difficult. Our lawyers will take on the burden of the legal process for you. With our knowledge and attention to detail, we can protect you against possible retaliation and address complex issues.

We Are Your Advocates

Hayward & Hayward, PLLC. will work to ease your nerves and shield you from further harm. Call 502-295-5555 or email our Louisville office for a case review.