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We Insist On Fair Wages And Working Hours

The main goal of a company is to maximize profit. Although there are many ethical ways to cut costs, some Kentucky businesses could turn to illegal methods. Companies should not keep workers from receiving their hard-earned wages or pressure them to work long hours against the law.

Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., fights for workers – no matter how big or powerful the employer is. We can help you pursue a wage and hour claim to ensure that your employer is not taking advantage of you.

How To Recognize Unfair Treatment

Common wage and hour law violations may include:

  • Denying mandatory meal and rest breaks
  • Keeping employees’ tips or commissions
  • Failing to compensate overtime work
  • Discriminatory practices for setting wage rates

Whether you are a truck driver, an office worker or another type of employee, you have rights. However, your specific rights depend on your job and classification. We can explain how the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Kentucky employment laws and other labor laws protect you.

Collecting Damages For Wage And Hour Violations

Wage and hour law violations can affect your finances as well as your personal life. Our lawyers realize that your claim is important. Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., will take a stand to seek appropriate damages for you, which may include unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, legal fees and potential punitive damages.

We Hold Employers Accountable

If you suspect that your employer has wrongfully withheld wages or forced you to work excess hours, contact our team. Based in Louisville, our experienced attorneys can help you build a compelling wage and hour law claim. Call 502-295-5555 to schedule a consultation.