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Maximize The Advantages Of Your Severance Agreement

After your last paycheck, corporate severance packages can provide crucial resources after a job loss. Severance benefits could position you for the next opportunity. Sometimes, severance payments might even supply the only income that keeps families afloat between jobs. Therefore, it is important to maximize the value of your severance agreement.

Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., works with Kentucky executives and employees to make sure they are getting the best possible deal. We are not intimidated by large employers, and we have the skill to match their negotiation tactics. Let us protect your financial interests.

Get A Fair Severance Package

We can assess severance offers based on several factors, including:

  • Your wages and benefits at the time of termination
  • Your age and financial needs
  • Whether you could retain health insurance coverage and other employment benefits
  • Whether the severance agreement contains terms that limit you or release the company from legal liability
  • The severance pay that employees in similar roles typically receive
  • Potential tax obligations
  • Additional requests based on your individual needs and circumstances

The amount, duration and extent of severance can significantly affect your finances upon leaving the company. Before you sign an agreement, seek professional legal counsel. Our attorneys have decades of experience, and we can evaluate a contract with your best interests in mind.

Steadfast In Severance Disputes

If your employer is not paying you according to your employment contract, a verbal promise or their legal obligations, Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., can represent you. We have experience in wage disputes and employment litigation. Our team is tough against companies that refuse to pay reasonable severance following layoffs or termination.

Trust The Experience Of Our Team

If you need to review, negotiate or enforce a severance contract, our attorneys have the skill to help you. We frequently receive referrals from other lawyers due to our depth of experience in employment law. Call our Louisville office at 502-295-5555 or email Hayward & Hayward, PLLC., for a consultation.