New year may mean new pro-LGBTQ laws

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Firm News

Coming into 2021, our collective hopes and dreams are pinned on better times ahead. For some of us, we look to our state’s legislature and hope they will provide us help and protection, especially the LGBTQ community. And, for those in the LGBTQ community, there have been several bipartisan bills filled that are being described as Pro-LGBTQ for the 2021 Kentucky General Assembly.

Fairness Campaign

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the Fairness Campaign is pushing for “Statewide Fairness Laws.” These laws add gender identity and sexual orientation to state discrimination protections in housing, employment and public accommodations. For example, Bill Request 836 by Democratic Representative, Lisa Willner (Louisville), and Republican Representative, Kim Banta (Fort Mitchell), and Bill Request 990 by Democratic Representative, Patti Minter (Bowling Green), were introduced to increase LGBTQ discrimination protections.


The HEROES Act (Honoring Equal Rights Of Ex-Servicemembers) is another such law. This law restores Kentucky veterans’ benefits to LGBTQ former servicemembers that were discharged by the old policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Wrongful termination and discrimination

Even if these new LGBTQ discrimination protections are enacted, wrongful terminations will continue to occur, and they will likely not apply to terminations that have already occurred. Some people will discriminate, regardless of the law. This is why residents of Louisville, Kentucky, or anyone throughout the state believes they have been the victim of employer discrimination or were wrongfully terminated, should contact an attorney immediately. State and federal law is constantly changing, but discrimination in the workplace has been illegal for decades.