Man with autistic son hits roadblocks with unemployment insurance

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

In Louisville and across Kentucky, people who have been terminated from their job or are unable to work because of circumstances out of their control may be entitled to payments through unemployment insurance. However, there may be issues getting the payments they believe they are due. This is exacerbated given the current health situation engulfing the nation. People who are seeing their benefits delayed or denied should be aware of their rights to receive unemployment. If they are unsuccessful in their attempts to receive benefits, it can be helpful to consult with an experienced legal professional.

Painter with autistic son seeks his unemployment payments

A single father who is out of work because he needs to take care of his autistic son while schools are using remote learning is seeking unemployment benefits. Thus far, he has been unsuccessful in getting payments he says he is due. The 48-year-old applied for benefits on two separate occasions. While the 12-year-old was on summer vacation, the man could go back to painting because his parents could care for the child. When school restarted, he again needed to take care of his son because his parents were incapable of overseeing his virtual learning.

He was given benefits in the spring. After reapplying for benefits, he has yet to receive his payments. He says there was no issue the first time he applied. His wait is approaching three months. According to him, he is being punished because he returned to work. This man is among more than 13,400 people who filed unemployment claims in August that have yet to be settled. There are still more than 700 such claims from March. Overall, more than 78,800 people are waiting for their unemployment benefits.

Legal assistance may be needed to get unemployment benefits

Currently, with many people out of work and needing to address other challenges at home, this situation is not unusual. There are many other reasons why people may be denied unemployment insurance. There are rules to consider for people to get unemployment insurance including the reason for which the person was terminated, being capable and willing to work, and having logged sufficient time to get benefits. When facing the uncertainty of being out of work and needing unemployment insurance to make ends meet, those who are not getting the benefits they believe they are entitled to should discuss the case with a firm that has experience with unemployment claims.