Issues hinder people seeking unemployment insurance in Kentucky

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

Various factors have led to many Kentucky residents facing challenges with their employment and their finances. The current health crisis has resulted in many people losing work. That, combined with job loss for other reasons, has sparked a crush of unemployment filings. Multiple issues have arisen resulting in people waiting an extended period for their benefits or being denied. For those who need help, it is important to understand what challenges there are and whether they might benefit with representation from an experienced employment legal professional.

Backlog results in people not getting unemployment benefits

Statistics show that almost 90,000 residents in the state are waiting for unemployment benefits due to the pandemic. For more than 500, their wait has been ongoing since the start of the health crisis. Part of the problem is the software the state uses. It was not up to date and able to handle the spike in filings. Another problem has been determining if people are eligible for unemployment insurance. The rules are described as outdated and do not account for the new ways in which many people work. Although many residents have gotten their benefits, the wait is causing severe financial problems and worry for those who have not.

In March and April, more than 326,000 people who did not work in the farming industry lost their jobs. Also, those who were self-employed suddenly found themselves without available work. Some of the challenges that people have faced in getting approved for unemployment include their earned income not being sufficient to grant them eligibility. Those who work for low wages, are temporary employees or work part-time fall into this category. This is a problem because a growing number of employers hire these types of employees. In addition, Kentucky’s rules for unemployment do not extend benefits to those who are disabled or ill and cannot work.

For assistance with an unemployment claim, legal help could be essential

The current environment and the state’s unemployment system are combining to cause many concerns for people who are suddenly out of work. If a person believes he or she should be eligible for unemployment insurance and is not getting it, it is wise to have legal assistance to address the issue. The reason for loss of work, if the person is searching for a new job and the amount of time spent at the previous job are all integral to a case. Many factors are considered for unemployment insurance and even people who did not believe they were eligible might be able to get benefits. Calling for legal assistance can provide information, representation and help.