Former principal launches a discrimination lawsuit

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Employment Law

A former middle school principal in Kentucky is suing school officials over claims of discrimination and harassment. According to the former principal, the harassment was so severe that it finally led her to quit her job out of frustration. She alleged that she was subjected to racial and gender-based discrimination that took a massive toll on her mental and physical health.

According to the suit, a male high school principal allegedly contributed to the culture of discrimination. In one incident, the principal reportedly asked the plaintiff to interview a candidate for school counselor. When the plaintiff said that she didn’t like the candidate, the high school principal claimed that she and the candidate had a lot in common, suggesting that they were similar because they were both Black. The plaintiff also claims that the district’s HR director told her that she had no choice but to hire the candidate.

In another incident, the high school principal allegedly created a confusing class schedule and didn’t sufficiently train the staff members. He then went on vacation, leaving the plaintiff with the counselor whom she didn’t want to hire. The plaintiff says that the counselor didn’t know how to write the new schedules, which caused chaos on the first day of school. While she was not at fault, the plaintiff claims that she was the only one reprimanded for the scheduling issues.

The plaintiff also says that a parent on the school board started to harass her and make racist comments about Black students. The former principal reported the incident to school officials but claims that they took no action against the parent. Finally, she stepped down from her position after a false story about her started circulating. The rumor claimed that she had exposed the students to asbestos when, in fact, she had never been notified that the school was contaminated with asbestos. The woman is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages.

How may an attorney help you hold others accountable?

Dealing with discrimination can have a massive toll on your quality of life. You may feel depressed, anxious or unmotivated, or you might end up quitting your job altogether. An employment law attorney may help you file a lawsuit and hold the individuals accountable for their behavior.